Top 10 Thursday: Top 10 Foods I’m Obsessed With

by Taylor Ryan & Dan Boyle

Thursday already? That means it’s one day closer to being October 1st which means I better start getting my latte fix between now and then! Have you joined in the October Challenge fun yet?

While it might be safe to say I am obsessed with latte’s since I am giving them up in a few days, I have decided to eliminate them from my top 10 list. Sad times…

But there are plenty of other foods right now that make me smile!

And unlike most of the “best food lists” out on the web, I have not included things like: oatmeal, almond milk or even chia seeds… BORING! You already know those foods are good for you. I want to share my favorite foods that may be new to you.

So today’s Top 10 Thursday is all about the foods that I am crazy about right now, at this moment! It might change next week, but what can I say, I am a woman!

Top 10 Foods I Am Obsessed With (Right Now) 

Earth Balances Coconut And Peanut Butter Spread. 

This stuff is amazing! I put it in shakes, on my oatmeal, on crackers, and on a spoon. It’s best on the spoon of course. It’s a marriage between my two favs: peanut butter and coconut… how could this go wrong? It’s amazing, take my word for it.

Starbuck’s Raw Bars. 

These are my go to bars when I need something to munch on asap. I like the snack boxes at Starbucks but none of them are vegan, so I end up spending money but only being able to eat 1/2 the box. These bars though are awesome. The gogi berry flavor is my favorite.

It’s 210 calories, all natural, full of crunch and perfect with a latte (oops, there’s the latte thing).

Spaghetti Sauce.

Dan and I put spaghetti sauce on everything under the sun. Perfect with oven roasted okra, sweet potato fries, portabella burgers, and when I make pizza… this is what I use for my sauce.

Yup… that’s 5 jars that I have sitting on my counter right now. And in case you forgot (or you’re new here)… it’s just Dan and myself living in the house. I’m hoping that will last for about 4 weeks!

Wasa Crackers. 

I was all about the low sodium rice cakes for quite a while. But I’m bored with them now and I decided on wasa crackers. I used to buy these all the time, I am not sure why I stopped! They are super crunchy and one cracker only has 35 calories.

Spread on some coconut peanut butter and a drizzle of honey and I am set.

Brussel Sprouts. 

I know this is a strange one, but I can’t leave off my favorite veggie (though it might be a toss up with okra). We eat bs’s every single week. Without fail.

They go into salads, Dan’s omelets and my stir fries. Though the best way in my book is roasted with some garlic, salt and pepper. Roast at 405 for 15-20 minutes and they are amazing.

Just don’t give me steamed… then my favorite veggies becomes my least favorite (is this weird?).

TJ’s Sunflower Butter. 

Can you tell I love nut/seed butters? Normally, I have both jars in my house and alternate what I want based on my cravings. Sunflower butter has such a unique and smooth taste that I can’t neglect it when I walk past it at Trader Joe’s. Luckily it wasn’t recalled! I would be a very very sad woman. Put a tbsp on some apple slices and you’re loving the fall season!


My go to lazy meal choice. Tempeh is a vegan meat alternative. Basically it’s a lot of fermented beans and grains combined together into a block. I am pretty sure we eat tempeh probably 2 nights a week (at least). Sometimes I slice it up and saute it as is with some seasonings and drizzle spaghetti sauce on top. Other nights, I crumble it up and blend it with beans to make burgers or meatballs.

Sweet Potato Leaves.

These are something very new to us. The farmer’s market is beginning to bring in their fall produce and with that came sweet potato leaves. We never try to shy away from new vegetables so we picked up a bag to experiment with.

They were awesome! The first time we had them I sauteed them with some cherry tomatoes and served with sweet potato cakes!

There is a slight sweetness to them and when sauteed up (like kale) make a great side dish to everything. I also chopped them up and ate them raw as part of a salad. Next up is to try to bake them like kale chips. Anyone tried?

Almond Breeze’s Coconut Almond Milk.

The perfect milk combo: 1/2 coconut milk, 1/2 almond milk.

Because of the blend, I find that it works better in coffees and teas. Normal coconut milk tends to not do so well and just settles at the bottom, while just almond milk can burn easily and leave a nasty taste in your mouth.

This one is just right. Making it the Goldie Locks of nut milks! I can only find it at certain stores right now though :(

Lemon Zinger Tea.

I talked about this yesterday but that’s because I really am crazy about it. At night when I get home from boot camps, it’s nice to drink something warm. My through is normally pretty dry from teaching classes so it helps a ton.

Tea is the way to go, and I am loving the tangy, tartness of the lemon zinger. It’s relaxing and aromatic.

Those are my 10 Ten Food Obsessions for right now!

  • I would love to hear what you’re crazy about? 
  • Any thing new out that I should give a try? I am open to recommendations 

Have an amazing Thursday. Remember the winner of the Lululemon giveaway is announced is announced this afternoon, so if you haven’t registered you have until 12:00 pm EST!

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