The Boyle 2011 Vacation

by Taylor Ryan & Dan Boyle

This past week Dan and I hit the road to visit his family. They live quite a ways a way so we don’t get to see them hardly enough… in fact it was this time last year that we saw them last!

Our first stop was Washington DC to see his sister for a few days before heading to Philidelphia for the rest of the trip to see his parents.

And yes… we really did drive (from Charleston, SC)

I’ll post a few of the pictures from our trip!

It’s amazing how your body can know so quickly when you’re out of the “norm”… we didn’t eat as clean as normal but still wouldn’t consider it bad but my body is craving nothing but the cleanest foods around! I feel as if I ate pizzas, burgers and cookies all trip and we definitely did not!

I did get a few opportunities to workout though… Go Team Taylor!

  • In DC, I tried a Barre workout with my sister-in-law. Very different from what I was used to and while I can’t say I would sign-up for the class it was nice to be in a different (much different) environment then the gym.
  • In Phili, We started our first full day with a 7+ mile bike ride. Normally in Charleston this would take no time at all but we’re not used to the hills so it took a bit longer and was a great workout for us!
  • Then the next morning Dan’s mom took me to her Body Pump class. I do enjoy a good Body Pump class from time to time and it definitely woke my muscles up! My heart rate was increased, legs shaking, arms shaking… it was awesome! I think I got a bit cocky though with the weight, but I made it through.

The rest of the days were filled with walking and I took the time to allow my body to rest. After all it had been a year since we had a vaca! It needed one for sure.

The drive back was hell… no nice way to put it. But we made it back!

South Carolina Monument in Gettysburg

Gettysburg @ the "waterline": One of my fav picts I took

Washington DC (From MLK Memorial)

We had a great time seeing so much history! The National Archives, Pentagon Memorial, MLK Memorial, Capital Building, Gettysburg, and more!

But we’re home now and I have 2 more stays of vacation I am taking full advantage of! What to do in Charleston?

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