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A while back I wrote a blog post about the current nutrition issues I was facing at the time. So many of you responded with positive words of both encouragement and advice. One particular comment however, caught my eye: She did say to ask if I had any questions, so I took her up on […]

I am practically a sloth… Source Sure, I work out most days of the week, whether it’s running, lifting, or doing a bodyweight circuit workout… I move. Many of us do. But that’s only an hour, or 4% of our day. And to be honest, sometimes it’s not even for that long. What am I […]

We’re half way through the month of January! Can you believe it? That means that the percentage of people that started the year gun ho to lose weight has already dropped significantly. That means that percentage of people that started the year gun ho to change any goal has already plummeted. But for the sake […]

Wow, what a week this is going to be! I can’t express how blessed I feel to do what I do! Yesterday was filled with anxiety… like the first day of school anxiety. No matter how many clients I’ve trained or how many boot camps I’ve run, I still get butterflies in my belly when […]

Happy New Years Eve! Cheers to ending the year in style… and in my life that means a movie on the couch in pj’s with a glass of champagne (with a frozen raspberry of course) in my right hand. We go crazy on New Years! Not really and that’s the way we love it. Dinner, […]

Yesterday I had the privilege of sitting down to talk to Dr. Margaret Yufera-Lietch, via computer of course. Dr. Margaret is a psychologist who specializes in obesity, diet and exercise (and a fellow runner). Basically, she’s discovering what is going on in our noggins that makes weight gain so easy and weight loss so hard. […]

Perhaps you have already heard the newest fun fact to come from Harvard? –> A healthy diet is just $1.50 more per day than an unhealthy one.  That comes out to just under $550 per year. When it’s put like that it sounds like a lot, but per week it’s just $10.50 extra per week. […]

First things first… stop with the badass exercises and go back to the basics. Badass exercises?? You know, the exercises that you perform not because they are the best, but because they make you feel like a fitness badass. Moves that are so complex that people watching have their jaws drop to the ground, not […]

Aside from the “how long should it take me to drop “‘x” amount of pounds?” question… The second most common question I receive is: “What supplements do you take and/or believe in?” Over the years, I’ve experimented with a lot of supplements. Ask and chances are I tried it (if it was proven to be […]

Last week Dan and I talked about getting started with a workout plan. The importance of getting started and tips on how to do that, if you missed it catch up here. Well, this week we decided that while that’s all great, how can you get started with a workout program if you’re not sure […]

The 6 weeks sandwiched between Thanksgiving and New Years is a scary period for many. It’s during this 6-week period that 51% of annual weight gain is explained. While we’ve been led to believe that most people pile on 10+ pounds, the average is more like 2-4 pounds. And while that seems harmless enough, the […]

31 days… that’s all I have left until my 6-pack ab challenge is over. In case you missed it, Dan bet me $150 that I can’t get a 6-pack by Thanksgiving. I know that might sound weird to some, but it’s the motivation I’ve needed to put in the extra training to see results. So, […]

What genetic gifts do you have to make you fit… gifts you may not even know about? That’s the question that David Epstein wanted to answer when he began his research for The Sports Gene. I wrote about the book just a few weeks ago. And I recommend it to anyone that loves learning about […]

Histamines? Food? What??  A few weeks ago, I found myself reading an article on histamines and how they relate to our diet. To be honest, I didn’t understand what I was reading and it’s possible that I gave up half way through. But it sparked a desire to learn more. Personally, my knowledge of histamines is […]

When I first started blogging, I kicked off my writing journey by reading other bloggers. I loved discovering their stories, and learning how to blog successfully. One of those bloggers, was Theodora, from I instantly loved reading about her New York City lifestyle; her ability to juggle both healthy living and indulgent nights out […]