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Another week is almost behind us. It’s be a whirlwind type of week for me and I am quite ecstatic to move on. Wednesday we placed my grandmother in hospice. While we’ve known for sometime that this day would come, it never gets easy. Time with family and allowing emotions to run freely has been […]

As a teenager and young adult, I was fortunate to have clear skin. Of course there would be the occasional pimple here and there but for the most part, it was clean and clear. Over that past 6 months something has changed. Each day seems to hold some mystery to it… “will I wake up […]

Tomorrow I have a 10K (The James Island Connector Run). This is a 10K that I’ve been training hard for to PR. And no just any PR… it’s what I need if I want to get a seeded spot for the Cooper River Bridge Run. I’ve mentioned it before, if I do not get this […]

Hello friend, I hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday! We have had the best weekend with our friends/boot campers. Unfortunately today, I woke up with a sore throat so I’ll be taking it easy. I guess I just had a little too much fun! Tomorrow I’ll have a normal post (it’s actually a great Pumpkin […]

Good morning! After a wonderful solid 8-hours of sleep last night, I woke feeling refreshed and ready to take the bull by the horns for a productive day. But before the productivity kicked off, I was craving a hearty sweet breakfast… a breakfast that would fuel me to film 2 solid workouts, a to-do list […]

Though we only traveled 30 minutes away, we had just the vacation we needed. Sleep, relaxation, beach time, and some fitness sprinkled in (more pictures below and at my Instagram page). Oh, and some kitchen time. Dan asked if I wanted to cook something vegan for his family, and after seeing how gorgeous our rental […]

Is anyone else excited that college football has officially kicked off? Go Clemson!  Dan & I at a wedding. And my uncle with my brother, I am guessing about 30 years ago! We’re starting the season with a big game (ugh Georgia), but hopefully Tigers will walk away with the W. Because I am stoked […]

You may have seen this on Facebook last week: And just to clarify: it’s the best peanut butter I’ve made thus far in my peanut making journey. But first a quick friendly shout out… It’s Friday! And a special Friday at that. My friend/training partner Amanda is finally back in Charleston. After a summer of […]

One thing that I will never do is stand on a soapbox and preach that you should be a vegan. Different strokes for different folks and I get that. It works for me. But not everyone, heck my husband isn’t vegan and I’m a-okay with it. With that being said… I do recommend everyone going […]

Good morning and Happy Sunday! After being gone for 2 Sundays in a row, I was extremely excited to enjoy a Sunday pancake. It was delicious, though the homemade chocolate peanut butter I made last night, didn’t hurt the outcome either! I don’t want to talk about my gooey, creamy chocolate peanut butter today though… […]

Hello friend! How was your 4th? Ours was both relaxing and productive… just what I needed! Chances are you’re still enjoying friends and family and the last thing you want to do is have to spend a ton of time in your kitchen. The great thing about summer is that you can get by with […]

Good morning! I am getting ready to run out the door so that Dan and I can head to the beach for a workout before going to relax with my family. I wasn’t messing around yesterday when I said I needed to get out of the gym. We’ve got the car loaded with kettlebells and […]

It’s Friday? Already? Awesome! The great thing about Monday holidays is that Friday gets here a lot faster. It also means that tomorrow is race day… again. I love running 5Ks because they push me to work on speed, however I am very excited to have a Saturday where I can enjoy a nice, mellow […]

I hope you’re enjoying the holiday weekend and are blessed with gorgeous weather. We are! After a rough winter and spring, it appears that the sun has decided to come and stay. So what else is there to do than sign up for a 4 pm race in Charleston? I didn’t sign up for this […]

Happy Mother’s Day to all my mom friends! And of course to my own beautiful mom! Dan and I are headed out shortly to spend some quality time with my family but before we do, I wanted to show off what my wonderful fur-babies put together for me this morning. A girl can wish, right? […]