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With that, happy Sunday! I hope you’ve had a great weekend. On Friday, Dan and I packed up my car and headed 2 hours north to Columbia, SC for an early morning race. Saturday we had plans to run the Mountain In The Middle 12K. Normally, I would just drive up the morning of, but […]

This past weekend I participated in the 10K Mountain Goat Invitational. After a series of trail runs spanning from South Carolina to Tennessee, past Go Run Trail runners who had placed were invited to participate in this end of the series 6.2 mile event. I felt privileged to be included. Trail running is something I […]

Good morning and happy Friday. I am extremely excited for this weekend, Dan and I are going to pick up my mom and head up to Laurel Springs, NC for a trail run invitational. Source In January, I did my very first trail run and realized just how amazing of a sport it is. I […]

Yesterday morning I ran a 10K, the  James Island Connector Run. I actually set a new PR (personal record), and then I went home and cried, oh and slept. Let me back up, when my alarm started to go off. Something like this happened… BEEP BEEP BEEP Dan: Rolls over and asks “How are you […]

Hello friend, I hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday! We have had the best weekend with our friends/boot campers. Unfortunately today, I woke up with a sore throat so I’ll be taking it easy. I guess I just had a little too much fun! Tomorrow I’ll have a normal post (it’s actually a great Pumpkin […]

Yesterday I ran my 3rd official half marathon. I set a new PR (personal record) and while that feels great, I’m still a bit disappointed. More on that in a second.   Before I jump in to the recap of the Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon, I have to ask you a question that was asked […]

In just a few hours I’ll be hitting the road with Dan and Amanda to run my 3rd official half marathon in Myrtle Beach, SC. It also happens to be the very first half marathon that I ran last year. Like all runs, I am already anxious and excited. I keep wondering if I set […]

8 out of 10 women are currently wearing the wrong size sports bra.  That’s a fun fact that I learned on Friday when I visited my friends at Fleet Feet for my very first sports bra fitting.  This is the “Vixen” the bra I ended up with! If you’re like me, you likely just try […]

Yesterday, we got dirty. Really dirty, as we ran through Charleston marshes, crawled through thick, deep, smelly ponds of pluff mud, and jumped into debris filled creeks for 3.1 miles. It was the Charleston Mega Mud Run, and we had a blast! This morning I have the bruises, scrapes and tight muscles as reminders of […]

With Labor Day behind us, fall is upon us. For many, that translates into race season! Whether you’re an avid half marathoner or aiming to run your first 5K, chances are you’ve got a race or two in mind. I haven’t really put a lot of emphasis on my running here lately, but my race […]

As I mentioned yesterday, I survived my trail run! I know that normally Mondays are all about the show, however I really wanted to share this experience as it was the second hardest race… in my life (the first is still the 17k Trail Run). I promise next week will be back to normal! On […]

Happy Sunday! I survived my 2nd trail run yesterday and I can’t wait to tell you all about it! Today I am full recovery mode and playing catch up. So, I’ll have the recap plus tips on running mountains (hills) up first thing tomorrow! Until then… here’s one of my favorite pictures from the race: […]

Hello friend! How’s the weekend going so far? Mine has been fabulous. The perfect cocktail of fitness, work and relaxation. Ooo, I could go for a good cocktail, but instead, I am enjoying a serving of Athletic Greens (more on those tomorrow). Friday started off with this little motivational text from Katie: This was her […]

I hope you’re enjoying the holiday weekend and are blessed with gorgeous weather. We are! After a rough winter and spring, it appears that the sun has decided to come and stay. So what else is there to do than sign up for a 4 pm race in Charleston? I didn’t sign up for this […]

My weekend has been jammed pack with running, lifting, competing and hanging out with friends. Though my muscles are aching in places completely new to me, I wouldn’t have traded the events for anything. I am happy to announce I am done! I have completed 3 pretty intense events in 3 weeks… wowza! Sure, I […]