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Wow, what a week this is going to be! I can’t express how blessed I feel to do what I do! Yesterday was filled with anxiety… like the first day of school anxiety. No matter how many clients I’ve trained or how many boot camps I’ve run, I still get butterflies in my belly when […]

“Oh, look at her run… she’s a natural.” Have you ever had that thought? Not necessarily with running but with any activity. Rationalizing that someone (other than yourself) is good at something from the get go, as if they were born to excel at a given sport or activity. I know I have. But is it […]

This week was was simply exhausting for me. Perhaps it was the earlier sunsets or the later sunrises? Sunset during a jog (Instagram) While I love fall temperatures, I despise the darkness, I am always tired. Maybe I was a bear in another life, preparing for hibernation? Anyone else having a hard time adjusting? Let’s […]

Last week, Dan shared “One of the Biggest Con Jobs In Advertising History” with me. I definitely recommend reading it. I knew there was no way I could just look it over and move on. That was a real ad from the 60s!  I don’t know about you, but I don’t think of the 60s […]

This morning kicked off something amazing: pumpkin walnut pancakes (wheat-free of course) and an amazing iced pumpkin latte. Now that today is the official first day of fall, I feel that I can load my food up with as much pumpkin, cinnamon, walnuts, and apples that I want. But not all at once, of course. […]

  Have you seen this Budlight commercial? Everyone should take 32 seconds and watch it. I had no idea that quinoa was pronounced “queen-o” and I die laughing every time! It came on Sunday while Dan was watching the Eagles game and he immediately suggested that I find it on youtube to watch myself. I’m […]

Well, hello friend! I hope your day is off to a great start. It’s about to get a extra dose of motivation (because we can all use an extra dose of it every day) to make it even better. Back in January, I had the privilege of being chosen to participate in a healthy living […]

I don’t want to be skinny, at least not today. This was the topic of conversation yesterday morning between my friends Katie, Michelle and myself during our cool down jog. Skinny isn’t appealing, it doesn’t sound healthy and it isn’t setting a good example to friends, family and my clients. I feel like “skinny” has […]

On Sunday, I did one specific exercise that had my legs throbbing, butt twitching, and heart pounding. And that was just after the first set. I still had 2 more sets to complete. Even my training partner looked up at me and commented: “Oh that looks tough, I’m not looking forward to my turn.” And […]

Happy Sunday! I hope you’ve had a great weekend, we certainly have. Busy, but great. Like I mentioned Friday, I had my niece for the first time overnight and wow, that was a workout! It’s amazing how much energy 2 year olds have. I thought for sure that I would be able to tire her […]

Hello! After a crazy day of catch up yesterday, it seems life might be getting back on track. I was even able to go through a few of the pictures from the amazing weekend in Utah and I can’t wait to share them below. But first, the important stuff. I mentioned last week before leaving, […]

On a day that is suppose to be about celebrating hard work, dedication and passion, we were instead dealt a low blow leaving us all in a state of shock, confusion, disbelief and above all, sadness. I had a blog post written today, but in the wake of yesterday’s Boston Marathon I feel it’s best […]

Happy Wednesday, did you know that today is National Walking Day? I know that there is a “National ___ Day” for everything from “National Peanut Butter Day” to “National Dress Up Your Pet Day (January 14th), but this one is actually important and inspiring.  At several businesses around the US, employees are encouraged to wear […]

How is your Tuesday going so far? I was at the gym the other day and I overheard a lady talking with a friend about their fitness plan. She said something along the lines of avoiding weights because she just knows she would bulk up. This isn’t the first time I have heard this reservation […]

I received so much positive feed back from yesterday’s post, thank you! I have to say it was one of my favorite posts to write as it was extremely heart felt, personal and I hope a little (or a lot) motivating. Thanks for letting me write what I love to write about. As for today, […]