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Diets that Work

A while back I wrote a blog post about the current nutrition issues I was facing at the time. So many of you responded with positive words of both encouragement and advice. One particular comment however, caught my eye: She did say to ask if I had any questions, so I took her up on […]

Tracking, it’s one of those things we all know we should do but that we don’t. I can tell clients till I am blue in the face to track every bite they eat, that this is the most important step to begin the journey to accomplish their goals. I can tell them that, but only […]

*This is the final post regarding my recent nutritional changes. After this, there will be no more labels. Labels.  It’s a strange thing really. Growing up, I wanted to break free of labels. To be my own person. I think every teenager and young adult agrees. Of course we want to be accepted, but we […]

The last we spoke of my diet I was up in arms about what I should do. Over the past several months, my health hasn’t been tip top. I’ve been diagnosed with anemia, my body hasn’t been recovering as quickly as it used to, I’ve had bouts of adult acne, and to be honest, I […]

Yesterday I had the privilege of sitting down to talk to Dr. Margaret Yufera-Lietch, via computer of course. Dr. Margaret is a psychologist who specializes in obesity, diet and exercise (and a fellow runner). Basically, she’s discovering what is going on in our noggins that makes weight gain so easy and weight loss so hard. […]

Perhaps you have already heard the newest fun fact to come from Harvard? –> A healthy diet is just $1.50 more per day than an unhealthy one.  That comes out to just under $550 per year. When it’s put like that it sounds like a lot, but per week it’s just $10.50 extra per week. […]

TGIF! I hope you have some great plans for this weekend! We’ve got a packed schedule filled to the brim with friends, fun, fitness, and food! All of my favorites! When it comes to food, remember how I was making a few adjustments to go to war with my adult pimple issues? Well, so far […]

On Wednesday evening I received a call from my doctor’s office telling me the results of blood work I had done two days prior. As I had suspected, the test revealed that I am anemic. Aka, I have low iron… not much of a surprise really, since I am vegan and iron is mostly absorbed […]

Aside from the “how long should it take me to drop “‘x” amount of pounds?” question… The second most common question I receive is: “What supplements do you take and/or believe in?” Over the years, I’ve experimented with a lot of supplements. Ask and chances are I tried it (if it was proven to be […]

As a teenager and young adult, I was fortunate to have clear skin. Of course there would be the occasional pimple here and there but for the most part, it was clean and clear. Over that past 6 months something has changed. Each day seems to hold some mystery to it… “will I wake up […]

What happens when you’re getting in the best shape of your life but your significant other is watching television with a bag of Lays in his lap? Source What happens when you are getting a flat stomach and his stomach seems to be growing? I know this can be quite the controversial topic but to […]

Even if I wasn’t a veggie obsessed eater, I would still be opting for a plant-based protein over traditional whey. Dan tells me regularly that the change in proteins is the best part of my being vegan. When we first started using a supplement (like 8 years ago), we always used whey. It was the […]

Good morning! After a wonderful solid 8-hours of sleep last night, I woke feeling refreshed and ready to take the bull by the horns for a productive day. But before the productivity kicked off, I was craving a hearty sweet breakfast… a breakfast that would fuel me to film 2 solid workouts, a to-do list […]

Did you know that it wasn’t until about 30 years ago that chia seeds became known in North America? For centuries these little seeds had been an important source of nutrients for Aztecs and other Mexican indian tribes but us. It wasn’t until a scientist by the name of Wayne Coates began to study them […]

  Have you seen this Budlight commercial? Everyone should take 32 seconds and watch it. I had no idea that quinoa was pronounced “queen-o” and I die laughing every time! It came on Sunday while Dan was watching the Eagles game and he immediately suggested that I find it on youtube to watch myself. I’m […]