Reviewing Force Factor

by Lightfoot Simmons

Recently, Force Factor contacted me as they wanted me to review the product, Force Factor Nitric Oxide Booster. It’s taken as pre-workout supplement to give yourself a “boost” during your workouts. Why review a product like this? Because often I have people ask me what my opinion is of supplementing with Nitric Oxide; whether it is worth it and if it is effective. So, thus why I decided to review the product to see how well it works. One thing to keep in mind is that you don’t supplement with Nitric Oxide. You take L-Arginine which helps your body synthesize NO, which in turns help increase blood flow and nutrient delivery to the muscles.

So what is Force Factor exactly?
Force Factor is a pre-workout supplement that uses its groundbreaking formula to improve endurance and maximize strength for the average person to the avid gym goer to professional athletes. It is a proprietary blend of natural ingredients and L-Arginine, which is most often used to stimulate the body’s Nitric Oxide production. And boy does it stimulate your body before a workout! Force Factor is well known for its ability to spark strength and muscle growth and is designed for everyday people and everyday use. L-Arginine is an ingredient found in Force Factor.  It has an incredible ability to build up both muscle mass as well as the entire body both at the same time.  It can have a tendency to increase metabolism, since L-Arginine is a very complex protein molecule.  This means that ingredients such as the one mentioned can be absorbed easily and will quickly transform into muscle in little to no time at all. Another great feature about L-Arginine is that it has a unique ability to stimulate the functioning of every organ in your body. L-Arginine is basically a protein that helps increase the metabolic process.  This allows you to work out longer and have shorter rests in between workouts. This is great in that it both stimulates the organs and helps to maintain them at the same time, which can be very beneficial when working out a lot during the week. Lastly, because the ingredient has high protein content it is more than able to help maintain the body’s overall protein balance.

Benefits of Force Factor
Force Factor is a strategic blend of amino acids that increase the levels of Nitric Oxide in the body. The all-natural formula as a nutrient delivery system that works within the body to help Nitric Oxide permeate the blood stream to enhance the N.O. process. Such a great benefit, that it causes an increase in overall blood flow and this is very beneficial in that it aids with nutrition.  Blood helps to carry nutrients throughout the body, which can lead to better workouts and more goals reached. By accomplishing this, Force Factor is the pre-workout supplement to build lean muscle and gain strength for optimal performance. From the first time you take it, you’ll notice that affect it has on your body. The very first time I took the supplement I had such a rush before my workout that I ended up lifting more weight than I ever had before. This continued throughout the 14 days I took the trial version of Force Factor.

Along with L-Arginine, the role nitric oxide plays is important as well.  It is important when working out as it can naturally relax muscle cells that surround blood vessels.  As stated earlier, while L-Arginine increases the metabolism rate, nitric oxide allows the blood to flow more freely, thus allowing the nutrients to get to muscles faster.  What this means is that it allows you to workout longer while also helping you to get stronger quicker as well.  Lastly, nitric oxide can remove acids that cause muscle stiffness and soreness, which allows you to further increase endurance to get more workouts in a shorter length of time. I noticed this as well with each of my workouts during the two week trial as I was never really sore like I usually am after during back to back workouts without any days off. I was also able to ramp up my workouts during this trial period which produced noticeable effects & there was definitely no soreness.

Side Effects of Force Factor
Force Factor is a natural supplement shown to boost overall health. The primary ingredients in Force Factor are natural. Thus, this product avoids any health risks or potential for adverse side effects. But, I would still  recommend consulting your physician before use just to be sure.

Dosage of Force Factor
The dosage for Force Factor is pretty straightforward as you take 2-4 capsules 30 minutes before breakfast and 2-4 capsules 30 minutes before lunch. I started off taking 2 capsules twice a day as recommended. Now since this was a trial size, I kept it at the same rate throughout the trial so as to maximize the results. Normally, I would have moved up to 3 capsules after two weeks. Then, I would then have normally increased it to 4 capsules after a few weeks on 3 capsules. Once I peaked at taking 4 capsules, I would then ween myself off of it by going back down to 3 capsules then 2 capsules the last week. You can do it any way you want, but I thought this was an effective way of maxmizing the amount of supplements I had at my dispersal.

My Conclusion on Force Factor
The human body has limits and we are aware of that. Even after 1 workout you can see what your limits are exactly. Pre-workout supplements like Force Factor definitely help boost you to the next level. If you are concerned with bulking up, increasing endurance and transforming your body, it is best achieved by increasing the natural chemical compound Nitric Oxide. Force Factor is a development that encourages N.O. production with amino acids that trigger the N.O. process. In order to maximize performance and achieve the strength and bulk of a professional, Force Factor must become part of your daily regimen. Overall, I lost 5 pounds after two weeks taking Force Factor. I added 1/2 inch in size on my biceps, 1 inch on my chest and even after ONLY two weeks I can see my abs start to take shape. I would give this 4 out of 5 and highly recommend you try this out!

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