Harbinger Fitness 1260 Training Grip Gloves

by Lightfoot Simmons

Harbinger Fitness 1260 Training Grip Gloves

A few weeks ago, Harbinger Fitness contacted me about reviewing some of their fitness products & accessories on our blog. I looked over their products and decided on a few fitness products that I felt were ideal for a person to have in their fitness arsenal for their workouts.

The first product they sent me to review was the Harbinger Fitness 1260 Training Grip Gloves. Here’s some background information on the product itself:

  • Feature a patented palm design that features TechGel ™ Comfort Pads for maximum cushioning and durable protection over the life of the glove.
  • An adjustable wrist closure provides a comfortable, customized fit.
  • Innovative ergonomic curved finger design fits the natural shape of the hand increasing flexibility and comfort.
  • Unique “Comfort Tech™” fabrics remain supple and comfortable, keeping their original fit even after hand washing.
  • 3/4 length fingers maximized for hand protection.
  • NoSweat ™ lining wicks moisture away from your skin for increased comfort.
  • Mesh panels for breathability.
  • Hand washing/air drying removes salt and oils, maintaining suppleness, original fit, helping gloves to last longer.

I wasn’t sure as to what size to get on the gloves as my glove size varies depending on the glove, but that’s where Harbinger Fitness helped me out. They provide a glove size chart so that you can gauge the right size glove for your hands. Keep in mind that their gloves are generally more snug-fitting than other workout gloves as the leather is designed to break in and stretch out over the life of the glove. If you are between two sizes, I recommend that you select the larger of the two glove sizes and if you prefer a looser fitting glove, I suggest that you buy one glove size larger than you would typically wear.

As soon as I received these gloves in the mail, I immediately tried them on to see how they would fit compared to my old workout gloves. These gloves fit much better as they were snugger and I could tell that that my hands were going to benefit from wearing these gloves during my fitness workouts because of the Techgel Comfort pads.

During my first workout using these training grip gloves, I found that they provided my hands with ample padding which is great for protection and they also were comfortable while still providing me a solid grip. I didn’t have any grip issues at all and to-date I still haven’t had any grip issues.

The NoSweat ™ lining actually lived up to the hype as it kept my hands dry during my entire workout. But, the best feature of these gloves to me is the extra padding that it provides in all of the right areas. From the palm area to your thumb and knuckle areas, there’s plenty of padding to prevent calluses. I actually think the gloves have helped reduce my calluses. You can now hardly tell I had them to begin with before I got these gloves. During my workouts, I never feel like my Olympic weight bars or dumbbells are pinching me through my gloves which I have experienced with gloves that I’ve used in the past.

The one negative thing I experienced with the training grip gloves is that while they fit my hands snug, my wrists are somewhat smaller in size and thus there’s no easy way to tighten the gloves for better wrist control.

Over the years, I have owned quite a few pairs of workout gloves and by far these are easily the best gloves I’ve ever used. I will continue to use the Harbinger Fitness 1260 Training Grip Gloves during my workouts and should they wear out, I’ll continue to buy more of them in the future. Other than the one negative I mentioned, these gloves were perfect for my workouts and should be perfect for yours as well!

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