It’s The Shoes!

by Lightfoot Simmons

Nike Fitness Shoes

Remember those old Nike ads where Michael Jordan would claim “It’s the shoes!”? As if the best basketball player in our lifetime was a living legend solely because of his Nike Airs. The phrase became a tagline for feigned modesty. If you had a great race, a great game, or even a stellar round of golf, the response to the compliments was always a smirk and “It’s the shoes.”

When it comes to fitness and your workouts in the end it actually is the shoes. If you have the most horrible fitness shoes, your feet are going to let you know it just after your workout has begun and soon thereafter the rest of your body will begin to tell you as well.

When I first started getting back into shape by running a couple of miles a night, I had to use cross training shoes that were a year old and basically had no support in them at all. During that first mile I could tell my shoes were shot as my body began to shut down. That was until I got some new fitness shoes!

I actually went to Try Sports to have them record me while I ran on the treadmill to make sure I didn’t need a certain shoe with more support and vice versa. As it turns out I was right on the normal level and thus didn’t need any special shoes. Next, I went on my search for the right shoes as I tried on shoes from Asics, Reebok, Brooks Brothers, Saucony and Nike.

I ended up choosing a pair of Nike fitness shoes so that I could track my runs using the Nike+ iPod Sport Kit as well as they provided me the most support along with the most comfortability than the Asics, Reebok, Brooks Brothers and Saucony fitness shoes did. Specifically, I chose a black pair of Nike Air Zoom Vomero+ 4 (Bowerman Series) .

Immediately, I was able to see quite a difference as I was able to make it all the way through my workouts without feeling so much pain. To date this is the best running shoe that I have ever worn and since I was fitted for this shoe I have had no more pains in my knees and feet. So far I’ve logged about 50 miles or so on these Nike Air Zoom Vomero+ 4 fitness shoes and they’re still as comfortable as the first few miles.

One thing I will point out though is that you shouldn’t wear your running shoes every day as this will wear them out and thus your feet and knees will begin to feel the pain. I am definitely happy with these Nike Air Zoom Vomero+ 4 fitness shoes and I really recommend getting fitted for your shoes to make sure they’re perfect for your feet!

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