Crazy Brides Do Crazy Things To Lose Weight

by Taylor Ryan & Dan Boyle

I know I just wrote abut brides yesterday, but it’s where I am right now in my life so you can say it’s a little on my brain. But if I had found these stats yesterday I would have included them then but I can’t not share these with you!

Freaking crazy brides are out there… and I don’t thing I can be included! SWEET!

Do you know what the average weight loss desire is for a soon to be bride? Over 20 pounds… and this is a desire of more than 70% of brides! That is a big dream to have in just a short few months which is the reason for crazy fitness bridezillas!

Here’s what most use for motivation! Buying a dress too small on purpose. Some women (around 14%) actually spend

The Plan Of Buying Too Small Didn't Work...

thousands of dollars on a dress that is too small so they have no choice but to lose weight! Image, the stress! It’s already stressful enough without having to add losing three dress sizes on top of wedding planning!

Fitness Bridezillas:

It is one thing to go into the engagement with a plan to lose weight, but more women just go insane, have no plan and then at the last minute come close to killing themselves to hit their goals. The number one method is to drink water… that’s it … just good old water to help drop pounds.

Now I will admit that drinking water does help the body to run more efficiently and increase your metabolism a bit, but it’s not a substitute for your turkey on wheat at lunch time.

Compared to women the same age, brides are more likely to turn to weight loss pills, crazy low calorie diets, insane fitness habits and even anorexia!

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