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Health & Fitness Products

Recently, Force Factor contacted me as they wanted me to review the product, Force Factor Nitric Oxide Booster. It’s taken as pre-workout supplement to give yourself a “boost” during your workouts. Why review a product like this? Because often I have people ask me what my opinion is of supplementing with Nitric Oxide; whether it […]

A few weeks ago, Harbinger Fitness contacted me about reviewing some of their fitness products & accessories on our blog. I looked over their products and decided on a few fitness products that I felt were ideal for a person to have in their fitness arsenal for their workouts. The first product they sent me […]

Protein Supplements

Casein vs. Whey – What’s the Difference? If you go to any health food store, you’ll find that you could easily be confused by all of the different kinds of protein supplements you can choose from. If you’ve done any reading in fitness and bodybuilding circles, the two you’ll hear the most about are whey […]

Nike Fitness Shoes

Remember those old Nike ads where Michael Jordan would claim “It’s the shoes!”? As if the best basketball player in our lifetime was a living legend solely because of his Nike Airs. The phrase became a tagline for feigned modesty. If you had a great race, a great game, or even a stellar round of […]

Nike+ iPod Sport Kit

The most important fitness equipment I make sure to bring with me for every workout is my Nike+ iPod Sport Kit. Whenever I’m running, it’s always useful to track my run so I know exactly how far I’ve ran and how quick I was able to complete my run. So how does it work exactly? […]

GrabIt Products has introduced the Arm BandIt – an iPod ™ armband with utility for runners. It even is available in pink for all you females!  It was designed by runners for runners; the Arm BandIt provides utility that is missing in other, simpler models.