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Good morning! We’ve made it to Friday. I am super excited for this weekend as I will be backing up my car shortly and heading to Charlotte for a bachelorette weekend for my college friend, Jennie. She also happens to be my “big sis” in our sorority. I can’t wait! Of course I can’t wait […]

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Happy Christmas Eve! Merry Christmas Eve! I am pretty much like a 4 year old waiting for Christmas morning. Dan hates it because you better believe I will be up at 6:30 trying to wake up him up (without him realizing that I am waking him up, of course). Oh well, he’s only a Scrooge […]

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Happy Thursday! Who’s recovery from a sugar high this morning? We never have trick or treaters so it’s not an issue for me. Every year I hope for one but each year I am let down I used to buy bags of candy “just in case” and then of course I would end up eating […]

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Thursday already? That means it’s one day closer to being October 1st which means I better start getting my latte fix between now and then! Have you joined in the October Challenge fun yet? While it might be safe to say I am obsessed with latte’s since I am giving them up in a few […]

Happy Thursday! Normally, I love Thursdays, but today, not so much. I am just not feeling the day. It started off great, I had an awesome boot camp, then a great hair cut: But then I received a text message from Dan. Apparently, between the time I left this morning (6am) and the time Dan […]

Gosh, I wish I had something like this when I took the pludge into veganism. I scoured the web, the book stores and every place in between, but in the end I had to educate myself and I had to learn from other blogger’s recipes. But I am getting ahead of myself here. First, Happy […]

How was your weekend!? I have to say that mine was one of the most work filled weekends I have had in a while. And considering that I work most weekends, that says a lot. I know to most people the idea of working all weekend is worst than going to the dentist (or right […]

Salt is necessary in small amounts, of course. It helps regulate our blood pressure and helps your body run properly. But too much and you could end up bloated, and with high blood pressure. Since heart disease is climbing in women, it’s important to do anything you can to keep your ticker healthy. And that […]