The Arm Bandit – An iPod Armband

by Lightfoot Simmons

GrabIt Products has introduced the Arm BandIt – an iPod ™ armband with utility for runners. It even is available in pink for all you females!  It was designed by runners for runners; the Arm BandIt provides utility that is missing in other, simpler models.

So what exactly does the Arm BandIt do for runners?

The Arm BandIt attaches to your upper arm for easy access to the iPod ® controls. No need to lock the controls. Now you can easily skip songs, change volume, or even turn it off at the end of that long run.

The unique design of the Arm Bandit holds firmly and comfortably to your arm. The treads on the backside of the arm band eliminate slipping (most armbands have issues slipping when you sweat) while the Velstretch ® strap ensures a snug fit. Mine stays in place without any issues. The straps come in multiple sizes to ensure proper fit and to avoid chafing from a strap edge under your arm. Past armbands that I’ve used in the past have had lots of issues with chaffing due to it slipping because I’ve been so sweaty.

The Arm Bandit provides extensive cord management capabilities. Use the cord cleats provided to secure annoying excess cable while you run. When your run is over, wrap the cord around the Arm Bandit and secure the earphones snugly into the earphone slots on the back of the arm band. No more tangled cords or broken headphones.

Water-resistant storage/ID tube We’ve added a water resistant storage/ID tube to the bottom so you can carry emergency contact information while you’re running outside of the neighborhood. The tube can carry money (dollars and quarters) for that cold beverage at the end of the run without pulling a sweaty bill from your pocket. And the tube is large enough to carry keys for your car, house, or gym locker.

The Arm BandIt is made from high-tech material that has unbelievable tear-strength and durability and was designed to stand up to sweat and sun. Because we care (and because we use them), we use only FDA approved coloring.

Buy an Arm BandIt today and see why this is the next generation of armbands! I truly love mine!


ARM BANDIT ADVANTAGE: Grabit Products is so sure you’ll love your Arm Bandit, we guarantee it unconditionally for 30 days.

ARM BANDIT DISADVANTAGE: Currently, the Arm Bandit only fits all iPod Classic and the iPod Nano 3rd Generation versions.

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