5 Workouts That Each Burns 500 Calories

by Taylor Ryan & Dan Boyle

I love a workout that leaves me dripping sweat, panting for air and feeling grateful it’s over.

Basically… a workout that forces me to go into “Beast Mode”.

500 calorie workouts

Unfortunately, not all workouts do – there are times I leave the gym feeling less that stellar about what just went down.

I hate those days.

And I don’t want you to have one, at least not for the next 5 workouts (or more).

After all the great feedback I received from my last compilation, I feel its time we jump start our Thursday with a new one.

What do you say?

Here is a compilation of my favorite workouts that I’ve posted up to yield some serious results.

All of these, if done according to the plan can have you burning upwards of 500 calories and feeling that “Beast Mode” effect.

5 Workouts That Each Burns 500 Calories

These are all linked up to their original post which offers a video demonstration of the workout.

The Sparkler

Do this workout as written & time yourself!

 Sweat Summer Workout

Perform the follow circuit 4 rounds:

 500 calorie workout burn

Super Burpee Workout

Do this workout as described. Once done set a timer for 10 minutes and see how many “super burpees” you can do (all with a count of 2). Click the workout to see super burpees in action!

super burpees

The Scorcher

Perform 2 times through!

kettlebell workout for beginners

Puma Workout + #1 Finisher

Alternate between following 2 workouts 3 times through! This workout finisher is one of my favorites!


puma workout

#1 Finisher:
workout finishers


I am very excited to share some exciting news.

While these are great “mini” workouts, Dan and I have been working hard to make our total body, full workouts more accessible to everyone.

They are now available over at Fit Womens Weekly’s Store!

An entire week’s workout package filled with a strength training workout, workout finishers, and my own personal running workout. A great bundle for you to up your own fitness and challenge yourself to new levels.

Go check them out now and pick the workout that is perfect for you!

Question: What’s your all time favorite exercise?

I have to go with burpees. Call me crazy, but I love them and what they do to a workout!

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